Traci is our in house artist of aromatherapy.  She can tailor a blend to fit your needs, give you a relaxing aromatherapy massage or you can buy from her.

Aromatherapy Blending Services

Therapists who are trained in all Aromatherapy services: Traci


Aromatherapy Custom Blend

60-90min./ $75 (includes one product)

Coming in for a custom blend is a lovely fragrant experience.  You will sit down with me, relax with warm shoulder wrap.  I will than go over your purpose for the blend, explain how aromatherapy works and discuss the different forms you can have your product made into.  Next we will go through a scent bar of various scents to find your top 2-5 aromas that resonate with you the most.  I will than take your selected scents and magically whip up your personal scent to take home. Costs may vary based on which ingredients and essential oils are chosen.  The cost is basically a one time set up fee, spending  time sitting, teaching and creating with you.   When refilling your custom blend in the same scent and form, prices range from $5-25 (custom blends only, not The Lemon Branch product line). Products to choose from include: Bath Salts, Body/Linen Mists, Body/Massage Oils, Facial/Hair, and Roll-on Perfume!

 The Elements 20min./ $30

In this service, Traci will take a basic look at your astrology chart and focus on the elements. In western astrology Air, Earth, Water and Fire are the elements that are worked with all having different meanings. Traci will look at what elements you’re strongest in and which is your weakest. From there she will have you pick from her element line. Air-Clarity, Earth-Grounding, Water-Balancing and Fire-Stimulating to help balance the energy of your element. Included in the price is a roll on perfume or 2oz body mist for you to take home. If you choose this service your birth time, location, day, month and year will be needed before the service and can be sent to 

At Peace Aromatherapy Service 45min./ $55

In this service you will get to relax on a heated massage table, while Traci applies specific essential oils to your feet, hands, neck, face and scalp. A mini massage on those areas along with warm steam towel enhances your experience to have that feeling of being "At Peace". 


Aromatherapy Element Massage 30min.- $50/ 60min.-$75/ 90min.-$105

In this massage you will be able to Choose one of the four different scents from Traci's Earth, water, air or fire blends. That scent will be used during your massage along with a body mist and warm steam towels on your back and face. Balance your element with this relaxing massage.

Awaken Massage 45min.-$55

This massage is all above the shoulders! Focusing on the head, face and neck. Tension, headaches, sinus troubles are some of the issues affected by this area. Using therapeutic and relaxation techniques along with an aromatherapy blend to cool, refresh and awaken the senses. Warm steam towels are also used to promote deep relaxation. Leaving you feel awakened on every level.

Custom Aromatherapy Massage 45min. - $55 /75min. - $80

This is an aromatherapy massage with the first 15min. spent creating an aromatherapy blend specific to your needs. You pick from 1-3 scents in a 2oz bottle. That blend will be used during the massage and the remainder will be yours to take to bring the experience home with you! Warm steam towels and dry brushing will also be included in this service.