What is Reflexology?

Reflexology works reflex points in the feet, hands and ears that represent the body in miniature. Each reflex point connects with a specific organ, gland, or body part. Our bodies are equipped with self-healing facilities, but these often fail to work properly because vital energy pathways are blocked as a result of degeneration and stress. Through the application of thumb or finger walking techniques the nerve pathways are stimulated, thus restoring homeostasis, a Greek word meaning "balance". Some examples of restoring balance in the body are blood sugar, body temperature, and hearth rate. When homeostasis is maintained, the body in healthy. The reflexologist does not diagnose specific conditions; but if a particular reflex is tender or if an area of congestion under the skin is felt, it indicates the corresponding body area is in need of stimulation to boost its natural healing powers.

What’s the difference between massage and reflexology?

Massage is the palpitation of soft tissues and muscles whereas reflexology is the stimulation of nerve pathways.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Through regular sessions, the benefits of continued relaxation allow the body to embrace self-healing through body, mind, and spirit. Many of the benefits listed below work together in mutual support of overall wellness.

· Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety

 · Increases blood and lymphatic flow

· Improves oxygen delivery

· Normalizes glandular function

· Balances the body systems

· Improves emotional health

· Serves as a preventive system

· Enhances massage, chiropractic adjustment, and other forms of bodywork

· Encourages the body to heal faster

· Reduces pain

· Reduces dependence of drugs

· Improves sleep patterns

· Sharpens mental alertness

· Increases attention span

· Facilitates healing of the whole body

· Restores and maintains an overall sense of well being

What can I expect during a reflexology session?

 The response to reflexology during a session is as unique as the individual experiencing the session. You may perspire, especially through the hands, feet, and head during a session which is a natural form of detoxification. You also may feel chilled and thirsty following or accompanying this phenomenon. As the toxins leave the body, the natural reaction is lowered body temperature and the need to replenish fluids. Muscle contractions may occur as a response to toxic release and to induced relaxation. A sharp prickling like that of a pin, tenderness, or pain generally represents an area of congestion. As I work these areas of congestion, the painful area often dissipates resulting in the release of toxins. Feelings of nausea, dizziness, or the need to urinate during a session may occur. Again, these are individual reactions and generally pass quickly.

What can I expect aftger a reflexology session?

 The benefits of reflexology continue after a session. In fact, the more sessions one has received, the longer the benefits last. Initially, you may feel very tired, as relaxation may be foreign to you. As the endocrine system reaches balance through the relaxation response, you will feel rejuvenated and have more energy. There may be a change in sleep patterns, including a deeper, calmer rest. Accompanying this response is a greater sense of well-being and improved self-esteem. As water intake is recommended, you may experience frequent urination, perhaps with a cloudy, odorous character. This indicates that the process of detoxification is clearing the body. Frequent bowel movements may occur during this period as well. Discharge from the body is another benefit after a session, as is a skin breakout. Inner balance is achieved and detoxifying symptoms are relieved as overall health is restored.


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Reflexology Sessions

Reflexology Consultation—Complimentary

If you are new to reflexology and are not sure if you would benefit from this service, we offer a complimentary reflexology consultation. We can discuss your particular needs and expectations of reflexology. This consultation takes 15 minutes and requires you filling out a short health history form.

30 min. Mini Foot Reflexology - $30

If you experience a specific condition or disease of the body, these reflexes will be worked to help aid the body’s natural ability to heal.

*This treatment is not recommended for a first reflexology session.


60min. Mini Foot Reflexology - $60

All reflexes will be worked on both feet determining areas of stress and congestion. These areas of congestion and adhesions will be addressed with the use of finger and thumb walking techniques.


90 min. Mini Foot Reflexology - $90

In this session, both feet and hands can be worked or just both feet. If a person has chronic issues occurring in the body, this longer session may help in working out these areas of congestion faster, thus aiding the body’s natural ability to detox itself better.