Detoxifying Treatments


Detox Treatments


Mlis Contour Detox Body Wrap 

$85/ 75 min.

Therapists who are trained in this service: Brenda

Our M’lis Contour body wrap cream consists of formulas that help to reverse the cellulite formation cycle by stimulating the body’s own natural lymph elimination functions. The lymph system is responsible for sweeping toxins, bacteria, viruses, germs and harmful substances from the body. Contour wraps assist in this process of elimination and lymph flow through gentle pressure and compression.  The program is designed to help rid the body of toxic waste. Purification and elimination are the primary goals of the wrap, rather than weight loss.

How does it work?

 Before your appointment drink plenty of water and do not shave that same day or put any lotion on the body. Wear your 2 piece swim suit or undergarments. The therapists will buff the skin then apply the contour cream which softens the waste, stimulates circulation, and helps to flush out waste through normal body function. It is an internal cleansing process.

Niacin based cream promotes circulation.  After, the therapist wraps you up in plastic wrap, this helps to hold in heat and creates pressure on the toxic areas to act as acupressure stimulating lymphatic flow.

Make your appointment today to reap all the benefits of this wrap. If you just want to feel great or if you are on a program for a healthier lifestyle, it is a great combination to help you in your goals for a healthier you!

(Treatment take about 75 minutes )

Healing Clay Detox Wrap

$75/ 60 min.

Therapists who are trained in this service: Traci

The Healing Clay Detox Wrap was created for stressed, tired, or toxic individuals. This wrap can help alleviate many of the symptoms of a toxic body. Using this wrap will promote recovery from illness, encourage detoxification, allow relaxation, assist in strengthening the immune system, and begin to restore energy to the body. This blend, made of natural, pure calcium Bentoninte clay, is applied and you are cocooned in plastic to hold moisture and a blanket. The arms can be wrapped or left unwrapped to allow free movement.