Detoxifying Treatments


Detox Treatments


Body Detox Treatment

$85/ $10 extra for measurements/ 75 min. 

The Detox Treatment assists in the process of elimination of toxins and lymph flow through gentle pressure and circulation. All natural wrapping process actually detoxifies the tissues which helps in inch loss not water loss. Also helps to restore elasticity to loose and sagging skin. (Treatment take about 90 minutes and allow for 15 - 20 min. extra for measurements.)


Healing Clay Detox Wrap

$75/ 60 min.

The Healing Clay Detox Wrap was created for stressed, tired, or toxic individuals. This wrap can help alleviate many of the symptoms of a toxic body. Using this wrap will promote recovery from illness, encourage detoxification, allow relaxation, assist in strengthening the immune system, and begin to restore energy to the body. This blend, made of natural, pure calcium Bentoninte clay, is applied and you are cocooned in plastic to hold moisture and a blanket. The arms can be wrapped or left unwrapped to allow free movement.